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Audit your Agency Workflows

March 21, 2018

Sound like some good E&O, Best Practices, YOUR Agency Standard Procedures….on and on….

you bet!!!

    • Using Activities to their utmost potential
    • Using Reports to capture details and understand who is doing what.. or not…
    • Using Workflows to monitor efficiency and standardization
    • Using Procedures over and over again for better results and monitoring
    • What are you using now and how can we refine our results!!!
    • How well are your agency standards being upheld?
    • We/well Joyce, will show you this and a great deal more!!!


none other than….

Joyce Sigler !!! 


Get ready for an action packed day that will bring your agency together in more ways than one!!!


Start Time: 8:30 Registration 9:00 Meeting Starts

End Time: 3:00 (we always to get everyone home is “some” due time)

Lunch will be provided by Liberty Mutual (use your manners please say Thank You)

Cost$50.00 per attendee Member / $75.00 per attendee Non-Member


May 10 2017
Portsmouth Courtyard Marriott

What’s new from Vertafore presentation

9:00 – 9:15     Welcome and review of board members, election of officers, discussion of future meetings, topics, etc.

9:15 – 10:30    2017 NetVU Conference Recap – What’s new and coming from Vertafore  –  Sheri Prout of Vertafore    

10:30 – 10:45  Quick Break

10:45 – 12:00  AMS360 Accounting – How to Know What is Going on in Your Agency – Lorraine Plezia
This class will review the key areas of the system that you should be paying attention to.  It will cover system views and reports that should keep you  “in the know”  with no surprises!  In the case of accounting and financials, surprises are bad!!

12:00 – 1:00   Lunch
1:00 –  2:30   Admins and the Purge Utility  –  Lorraine Plezia

What is the Purge Utility?   The purge utility will permanently delete customers and data from AMS360 allowing you to clean up your system, as well as comply with regulations such as HIPAA.  It came on the scene quite some time ago, but it is one of those functions, which is little understood and rarely used.  The goal of this class is to help you understand.

2:30 – 3:00    Questions and Answers, Networking, Discuss Fall Conference Topics, etc.

 Registration Info

  • $50.00 for each attendee (Members),
  • $75.00 for each attendee (Non-Members)


NetVU New England Winter 2017 Meeting – Keene, NH
Feb 15

Want it for FREE?

Well not really FREE because you already pay for it but..

What is in AMS360 that you are not using …

Also Client Portal – “THE Game Changer” an Agents Perspective

presented by our very own

Kristine Karlsson (Chalmers Insurance Group)

Special appearance Bret Chenail (Vertafore Demo Man)

What are you paying for $$$ that you don’t use?

How about these:

  • Agent License tracking
  • Reference Connect
  • Prevail Network
  • VSSO – why you REALLY need it

We will also have our favorite Brett (Demo Man)

  • Analytics Tools
  • Just ask...or he’ll bring it up
    • either send us your questions or bring them to our meeting and they will get answered!!!

Fall Conference 2016

Our renowned 

Fall Conference ~ October 23 thru 25

Hosted in Downtown Newport Rhode Island

 Class Grid/Schedule is available to download

This has the session descriptions!!!  Download it NOW!!!

Click ->  2016 NE Regional Class Descriptions 08_23_16 <- Click

Deadlines for discounts have come and gone BUT we still have space left for attendees!!! 


Quick Daily Summary

Agency Performance Partners/ Kelly Donahue-Piro

“Creating Your Customer Experience”

~ ~ ~ ~

Qualcorp / SueAnn Priem 

“Leveraging Your Data with MS Power Builder BI”



    • this will not be a certification like last year
  • Changing your Direct Bill Method
  • Reporting a) Classic vs b) My Agency Reports
  • Trust Accounting – Maine agencies take note – How does this affect your Payables & DB Receipts
  • End of Month End of Year Best Practices
  • Send your accounting suggestions/questions to us at

Account Representative’s / CSR

  • QuickNavs
  • Platform A) Setup B) Workflows Part 1 C) Workflows Part 2
  • Time Management for the CSR
  • Book Roll Analytics and Renewal Analytics
  • Tips and Trix
  • Carrier Panel – What are Carriers doing for Agents in the Digital Age

Agency System Administration / IT (or your other hat)

  • DocuSign Templates
  • VSSO – Vertafore Single Sign On
  • Phone Systems – Integration (screen pops with AMS360 Customer)
  • Addressing Modern Network Security Challenges
  • Download reports and Connections
  • Why Mobile is Vital to your Agency’s Future
  • Client Portal

Our Presenters!!!

Joyce Sigler (Jones Wenner Insurance Agency), Colleen Willhight (Vertafore), Ben Lynds (F. A. Peabody Insurance Agency), Lorraine Plezia (Lorraine Plezia Agency Training) , Larry Hazen (Hazen Enterprises), Brad Ruben (Archway Computers), Chris Gillespie, Matt Aaron (, Joe Mari (JMK Systems Solutions) , Anthony Riccio (Vertafore), Caleen Alexanderson (Agency Port), Jerry Fox (Corelogic/MSB), Kitty Ambers (NetVU), Brett Chenail (Vertafore), SueAnn Priem (QualCorp), Kelly Donahue-Piro (Agency Performance Partners)

Click -> Registration 2016 Newport Fall Conference

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Newport Harbor Hotel is FULL!!!

Newport Harbor and Hotel is completely sold out for Sunday and Monday nights, October 23 and 24th.  There are a few other hotels in the area, the Marriott is DIRECTLY across the street, the Hyatt, which is on Goat Island (some attendees already there) and the Gilded Hotel in Newport (just up the street from the Newport Harbor and Hotel). (401-619-7758) their room rate is a little lower than the others. There are also some other options in Middletown, RI, which just a few miles from Newport.

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Sponsors booked and Thank You’s 

Thank You – Vermont Mutual Insurance Group

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