2018 Fall Conference

Thanks to all of you that attended our

2018 Fall Conference!!!

For those that did attend and wish your documentation, our secure folder is here


Sunday Opening Session


Presenting “Who are you and why do we care?

Monday and Tuesday Sessions include:

  • Working with Millennial’s & Gen Z  – Angela Painter
  • New Business Origin/Relationship Types – Brett Chenail
  • What’s New in Accounting?  –  Lorraine Plezia
  • Changing your DB Invoicing Method  –  Lorraine Plezia
  • New Proposals OR Excel Tips & Tricks – Angela Painter
  • Auditing – Angela Painter
  • Business Processes & Workflows
  • TNow/PL Rating/Credential Mgr – Nellie Massoni & Joyce Sigler
  • What’s New on the Service Side? – Brett Chenail
    What does 2018 R1 bring to the table?
  • Client Portal  – Joyce Sigler & Nellie Massoni 
  • Certificates Best Practices  – Joyce Sigler
  • Ideas from Vertafore Tech Guru Colleen Willhight
  • eDocs & Download Setups – Nellie Massoni & Joyce Sigler
  • Agency Revolution  – Joel Zwicker
  • VOIP – Managing Remote Workers – Steve Scavallaro
  • Speed Tables aka Round Tables on Steroids – Larry Hazen
  • Risk Match – Brett Chenail

 Vendors – Click here for full details

  • JMK Systems Solutions – Your longest standing IT Services Tech’s
  • Patriot Insurance Company – Property and Casualty Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont 
  • Daystar – Your Technology Partner
  • WAHVE – Work At Home Vintage Experts 
  • Agency Revolution – eMarketing awesome 
  • The Thompson Agency – Partnering with P&C agencies for Life and Identity Theft Protection
  • Safeco Insurance – PL Coverages/Policies 
  • Imperial PFS – your Premium Finance Experts
  • Insurance Agent App – next-generation insurance agent mobile app
  • Insurance Agency Accounting & Bookkeeping – remote bookkeeping & accounting

Independent Trainers/Speakers/Talent 

  • Angela Painter – Originating AMS360 developer (now with Angela Adams Consulting)
  • Joyce Sigler – Agency Advocate for so many things we don’t know how she does it but she is one of our “NetVU New England” family who brings a wealth of information – try her!!
  • Joel Zwicker – Joel will open your agency up to marketing’s highest level explaining Agency Revolution
  • Lorraine Plezia – Accounting guru and NetVU NE glue will answer your Accounting questions
  • Larry Hazen – Independent Training Consultant – AMS360 Hero – NetVU NE Organizer, WAHVE IT (Systems Support Technician)

Vertafore Lineup!!!

  • Janice Pierson – Currently Director of Product Management but a long wonderful history with Vertafore as Senior Solutions Consultant and Training Consultant!!! Can’t wait
  • Brett Chenail – Our favorite AMS360 never a dull moment “Demo Man”
  • Nellie Massoni – “The” Connectivity Lady!!!  TransactNow, Credential Manager, PL Rating and a bit more….
  • Colleen Willhight – Tech guru extraordinaire!!!  If you have needed to have a server in your office Colleen was there!!!  She is the hands on for Workstations to Servers

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